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Libya: Views on Humanitarian Intervention (update)

Image: People wave Libyan flags from a car during celebrations for the one-year anniversary of the “February 17 Revolution” (source) The Guardian, One year on: chaotic Libya reveals the perils of humanitarian intervention. The mission to remove Gaddafi was a noble one. But … Continue reading

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Who is Walter Rodney?

Who is Walter Rodney? Via Nate H.

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Cesária Évora

Via Africasacountry: This morning, Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora passed away in Mandelo, São Vicente, the island were she was born. One of the many meanings of “Sodade” — that most difficult to translate Creole word — is a feeling of … Continue reading

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ICC trials 2.0 – The Reckoning, Uganda, Men and more (updated)

I’m trying to keep track of interesting and easily accessible multimedia related to the International Criminal Court and international justice on this blog (see previous posts here and here).  A lot of people are interested in what is happening in international justice but arrests, … Continue reading

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ICC trials 2.0 – Gbagbo and Côte d’Ivoire

Former Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) President Laurent Gbagbo was arrested and handed over to the International Criminal Court (ICC) two week ago. He faces charges for crimes against humanity related to murder, sexual violence, persecution and other forms of violence.  He’s the first former head of … Continue reading

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Discourse on colonialism

“… ‘Europe’ is morally, spiritually indefensible. And today the indictment is brought against it, not by the European masses alone, but on a world scale, by tens and tens of thousands of millions of men who, from the depths of … Continue reading

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“a bunch of skinny black guys will get killed”

A few days a go, I noticed that some Twin Cities media people I follow on facebook/twitter were circulating a call for Somali Americans to audition for a Tom Hanks film. I also noticed that none of my East African … Continue reading

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