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Labo(u)r links

11 ways to get fired from Starbucks University of Minnesota teaching and research assistants organize a union. A member of the European Parliament takes her baby to work Advertisements

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Confusing Euro finance stuff

NYT effort to explain confusing Euro finance…

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Ghana’s Independence

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Portraits of power (2009)

Old but good.  Click image for interactive media (source)

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“Obey Your Own Damn Laws”

(Images from the Star Tribune) “Obey your own damn laws then”: Spokesman Chris Mato Nunpa, retired Southwest University Professor and Dakota Nation activist, said enforcing Minnesota fishing laws against the Dakota is a violation of the 1805 treaty between the Dakota … Continue reading

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Plagiarism is bad…

….and can lead to this!

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UK, Britain and England

(Via Serena)

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