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Labo(u)r links

11 ways to get fired from Starbucks University of Minnesota teaching and research assistants organize a union. A member of the European Parliament takes her baby to work Advertisements

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Kids on kids

I saw two really powerful messages today.  Each one is by kids and about kids. 1. As seen on colorlines, Lakota students from Rosebud, South Dakota posted a powerful rebuttal to the ABC 20/20 special Children of the Plains. The students’ video challanges … Continue reading

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Wall Street Mercenaries

A former Philadelphia Police Sergeant joins OWS. My good friend Skang took this picture during the Occupy Wall Street evictions and protests this week.

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Awkward family photos

So, every APEC conference, Asian-Pacific world leaders awkwardly dress up in the “native dress” of the country they are meeting. Resulting in hilariously awkward photos like these: Obama has reportedly shunned the tradition established by Bill Clinton and asked other leaders … Continue reading

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Confusing Euro finance stuff

NYT effort to explain confusing Euro finance…

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food stamps map

WSJ’s interactive map here. At least one in five residents in New Mexico, Mississippi,  Tennessee, Oregon and Louisiana are food stamp recipients. (Thanks, NH).

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Ghana’s Independence

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