Kids on kids

I saw two really powerful messages today.  Each one is by kids and about kids.

1. As seen on colorlines, Lakota students from Rosebud, South Dakota posted a powerful rebuttal to the ABC 20/20 special Children of the Plains. The students’ video challanges the portrayal of the Lakota Indian reservation and community.

“I know what you probably think of us… we saw the special too. Maybe you saw a picture, or read an article. But we want you to know, we’re more than that… We have so much more than poverty.”

Rob Schmidt wrote on the Indian Country blog that the Diane Sawyer special was poverty porn: “The stories are manipulative to the point of tears — literally.”

2. Sophie Johnson, an 8th grader and huffungton post journalist/blogger wrote this piece about 8 year old Maggie who lives with her family in a minivan.

“”I feel like my life keeps getting smaller and smaller,” Maggie told me, “and then one day I’m afraid we won’t have anything and we’ll be living in the street.” Maggie says she has nightmares about that happening. I wanted to promise her that I would never let that happen to her, but realized that that would be a promise I might not be able to keep.”

(more here)

Three things I learned from reading this article (1) No kid in the Pacific North West or anywhere else should ever have to live in a car (2) homeless people often can’t really use canned food donations, they need a hot meal (3) some teenagers are great journalists.

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