Libya: Views on Humanitarian Intervention (update)

Image: People wave Libyan flags from a car during celebrations for the one-year anniversary of the “February 17 Revolution” (source)

Image: “Hillary Clinton apparently did not get the memo about the current situation in Libya when, on the topic of Bahrain, she said, ‘Violence is not the answer, a political process is'” (source)


“The current military action against Libya is clearly approved by the UN Security Council. Qaddafi has claimed it is illegal, but even China and Russia (who abstained from the UN vote) cannot doubt that Resolution 1973 authorized the use of force to protect Libyan civilians. Neither will Germany, Brazil, nor India (all of whom abstained). Angela Merkel has already said “We share the aims of this resolution. Don’t confuse abstention with neutrality.” The others may not like it, but if they had serious legal or political objections they could have voted against. Or maybe their interests in becoming permanent Security Council members overwhelmed their reserves. Either way, the resolution had all the votes it needed.”

“‘Only a fool would fail to acknowledge that the invasion of Iraq gave liberal interventionism a bad name,’ says Timothy Garton Ash, British historian and political writer. In stating a measured rationale for action in Libya, however, he argues that despite abuse of the concept, “a much more careful, law-abiding, and genuinely liberal version of it has quietly continued to develop. Building on the post-1945 tradition of human rights promotion and international humanitarian law, and working with and through the UN, this has brought us the International Criminal Court and the doctrine of a ‘Responsibility to Protect,’ also endorsed by the UN.'”

  • And… an interview with Congresswoman Michelle Bachman of my homestate of Minnesota.

(Tak, Anna!)

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