ICC trials 2.0 – The Reckoning, Uganda, Men and more (updated)

I’m trying to keep track of interesting and easily accessible multimedia related to the International Criminal Court and international justice on this blog (see previous posts here and here).  A lot of people are interested in what is happening in international justice but arrests, indictments and trials can feel so technical and hard to understand.  Videos, photos, blogs and other resources can really help, I think.

Here are some more easily accessible sources I find very useful:

  • A 60-min version of documentary The Reckoning: The Battle for the ICC is now available for free streaming here (I posted the trailer here).
  • The ICC is also investigating Lord Resistance Army (LRA) crimes in Uganda. It has issued arrest warrents for LRA leaders like Kony (though they are of course still at large).The Refugee Law Project at Makerere University has made this excellent video, They Slept With Me, about human rights abuses committed by Ugandan government forces (crimes that have received less attention from international institutions and the ICC). This video documents sexual violence against men (again, these crimes that have received shamefully little international attention, see here and here, though there is some progress here).

Note that this video shows victim testimony of horrific crimes.  As such, it is really, really hard to watch.  But really important.

A valuable resource is the documentary Gender Against Men, which won the Best Documentary prize at the Kenya International Film Festival in 2009. Here’s the short trailer and the full 50 minute version is here.

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