PEOPLE: “We all deserve the same rights as our peers to be educated.”

WI State Journal reports: UW senior Althea Miller weeps as she gives an impassioned statement to students on Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011. More than 100 people took over a press conference held by a conservative think tank to introduce a study alleging UW-Madison discriminates against whites and Asians by admitting less qualified blacks and Latinos (also read more here).

UW junior Daylon Cottingham wipes away tears (source).

Cyle Agee, 20, of Milwaukee, held up a sign outside the hotel along West Johnson Street that read “Honk!!! 4 diversity in higher education.”

“We are from a disadvantaged, socio-economic background,” said Agee, a member of PEOPLE, a pipeline program to encourage minorities to enroll at UW-Madison. “We all deserve the same rights as our peers to be educated” (source).

UW senior Delphine Vakunta, center, listens to speakers during the demonstration (source).

(Thanks, Brad S.)

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