30 Mosques

Lately, I’ve been trying to learn everything I can about the diverse, vibrant and utterly inspiring Muslim communities in the USA. So I’ve been re-reading the archives of 30mosques, a blog documenting a roadtrip stopping at 30 (or so) major mosques and Muslim communities in the US. It’s from Ramadan 2010 but it is still an amazing read!

Here are some of my very favorite posts:

  • The first mosque in the US in the tiny town of Ross, ND.

Image: Dar Al Hijrah and Palmer’s Bar by 30Mosques. On a personal note, I love this West Bank/Cedar-Riverside neighbourhood so much. I spent 8 very happy years trying not to slip on ice, eating Somali food, ingira or wieners, drinking coffee, and parking my car semi-illegally. Oh and, you know, sometimes going to school in between. (Can you tell I’m homesick?)

  • Utah Islamic Center in Salt Lake City, mostly for the story of this man called Faraz who sound like a very cool bloke.

Image: 30Mosques

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