Simon Bolivar: “The best system of government is that which produces the greatest happiness.”

A U.S. Embassy in Caracas cable, obtained by WikiLeaks and published on its website, reports: “President Chavez made socialism taste better with the December 22 (2009) opening of a ‘socialist arepera’ serving Venezuelan-style tortillas at a fraction of their usual price.”

In a section titled “Socialism’s Tangible — and Tasty — Benefits,” the cable continues: “The restaurant, located in a lower middle class neighborhood of Caracas, serves ‘arepas’ for about a fourth of their regular price.”

Eduardo Saman, who was then minister of commerce, is quoted in the cable as saying that customers could rely on low prices because all the ingredients came from government-owned companies.

Saman said there was another another “key difference between socialist and capitalist arepera: customers pay only after eating,” while “in fast food chains … they only think about money.” And in the arepera, he said, customers told cashiers how much they’d eaten.

The state’s venture into the fast-food sector involves the “Arepera Socialista” chain as part of the country’s socialist market cooperatives. (Via: CNN)

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