Updated: Let’s talk about how Islam makes our world a better place!

I was really encouraged and inspired by Joy and Whoopi’s zero-tolerance policy for any hate speech against Muslims. I don’t want to live in a world of hate.

I don’t want to debate a mosque-that-is-not-a-mosque in a place-that-is-not-ground-zero. Let’s change the conversation about Muslims and Islam! Let’s talk about how Islam makes our world a better place!

I’ll start: Islam teaches that Christianity, Judism and Islam come from the same source and teach the same essential truths. I’m inspired by the example of so Muslims I know and Muslims I read about (just a very few examples: here and here) to live a better live. Everyday I try to read the Qur’an (on my iphone, I hope that is OK?) because it helps me reflect on how to be a good person.

Related: the song Waheeda’s Hands by Brother Ali expresses faith — and the struggle to maintain your faith — better than anything else I’ve ever heard or read.


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