FBI raids on anti-war movement

The homes and offices of dozens of anti-war activists in Minneapolis, Chicago, and other cities were raided last week. Activists have been subpoenaed before Grand Juries (although most activists are refusing to cooperate). Many of these activists are part of Colombian and Palestinian solidarity movements.

I’ll be following the story closely and posting links here:

Fox, Twin Cities FBI Home Raids Prompt Protests (Sept 27)

Star Tribune, Anti-war activists refuse to testify (Oct 5)

NPR report: FBI Targets Peace Activists For Alleged Terrorism Support (Oct 2)

World Socialist Website report: Antiwar activists raided by FBI could face prison (Sep 29)

Activists are organizing to counter the FBI raids. See stopfbi.net, solidarity statements, and even guerrilla art projects:

(You might be interested in the celebrity files on the FBI website.)

These raids (and their timing) are confusing for many reasons. Some suspect the activists were targeted because of legal prohibitions that make it a crime to provide support to any foreign entity that the government has designated as a “terrorist” group. At first, that sounds like a no-brainer. But consider that many groups – including the ANC in South Africa and the FMLN in El Salvador have been classified as “terrorist” groups by the US government. Also note that “support” includes humanitarian aid, literature distribution and political advocacy. Activists are concerned that “support” could also include be interpreted to include expressions of solidarity with left wing or anti-imperialist groups.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hNZhgcfqNwI%2Em4v%5D

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