SEIU: Keeping the Dream alive

I have been following efforts to keep the Dream Act alive since the legislation was filibustered in September.

NPR reports that an ad will air on Spanish-language radio stations in Arizona, Florida, Nevada and other states with large Latino populations. The effort was conceived and funded by the Service Employees International Union, Mi Familia Vota and America’s Voice, which say the $300,000 is the most ever spent on a Spanish-language radio campaign by groups such as theirs to make their case on immigration.

An English translation of the Voices of Dream Act Youth radio ad (audio available on the NPR site):

“What would you do if a group of politicians were denying your hopes, your dreams? Thousands of us have taken to the streets to fight for what’s right: access to a college education and a path to citizenship. We’re the undocumented students of the DREAM Act … the sonadores. Without papers, and without fear, we fight so our generation doesn’t get left behind. But who opposed this bill? Who wants to quash our dreams? Republicans. The same people who opposed the extension of unemployment benefits. Republicans. Who try to deny immigrant rights in Arizona and other states. Republicans. Who always seem to stand with big corporations against working families. President Obama, the armed forces, chambers of commerce, universities and a majority of the public are on our side. And they need our help. This November 2nd, in (STATE NAME) — vote for the candidates who support our families, and make our dreams come true. This ad is paid for by the Service Employees International Union, Mi Familia Vota Civic Participation Campaign and America’s Voice.”

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