Arab American Institute Darfur ad

The Save Darfur campaign is very controversial among scholars of African Politics. While they do not deny the horrific violence in the region, imminent scholars like Mamdani raise important and critical question about the methods and analysis of the Save Darfur movement and commentators like New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.

In this context, this 2007 Arabic language ad by the Arab American Institute posted by my friend M. is noteworthy. I would love to know more about how this ad came about.

M.’s friend J. translated the text in the video (the arabic texts is a transcription of what people are saying in Arabic dialect into international Arabic).

1. They killed all of my family.
2. They killed my wife Hamalana.
3. These are muslims, real muslims in Darfur.
4. Five…five different men.
5. It was a very, very heinous thing. (4. and 5. both said by the woman, implying rape.)
6. 400,000 Sudanis have been killed in Darfur. Buried with them is a story of their collective extermination.
7. They burnt…in the house, with their grandmother.
8. The Janjaweed burned them.

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