The oldest mosque in Portland, OR

Man dressed in white standing outside building (State Dept./Steve Holgate)

Imam Shaheed Hamid in front of the Muslim Community Center in Portland, Oregon

While the Muslim Community Center and its mosque may have been the first of their kind in Oregon, they no longer are alone. Since the 1980s, a number of other mosques have been established, starting with one to serve Muslim university students in Portland. Other mosques serve Turkish, Yemeni and South Asian communities, as well as others. Relations among the mosques, Hamid says, “are excellent.” He adds: “We are trying to be more visible, to admit persons of every ethnic persuasion and racial hue. Our services are open to all.” (source)

…After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Hamid says, the mosque “received great support from the local police,” with two plainclothes officers supplying security during Friday prayers. Though the mosque received a few menacing telephone calls, Hamid says they were more than matched by many calls of support from Portlanders, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Hamid says that a number of non-Muslim women offered to dress in Muslim garb as a show of solidarity, and accompany women from the mosque to grocery stores and on other errands.He says the mosque emphasizes that Islam is a peaceful religion. “Allah orders us to be just, and to work toward bettering humanity,” Hamid says….

More information on the Muslim Community Center

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